2nd Year Architecture Studio

Structure-Driven Design: Ithaca Aviation Museum / Spring 2017


Individual Design Project, Pavilion


Ithaca, NY


Rychiee Espinosa

The project is inspired by a field trip to the Glenn H. Curtiss Museum, a transportation museum in Hammondsport, upper state New York. The 60,000 square foot facility is well-known for its collection of aircraft, vintage motorcycles, automobiles, and aircraft engines. Referencing this featured collection, this foundation studio project proposes an exhibition venue for

aircraft, as well as a local landmark in Ithaca.


Considering the spatial and structural requirements for exhibiting aircraft, and ADA code, this structure-driven design process involves intensive feasibility study, including structural models in various scales, and construction drawings. The building form’s response to its immediate site condition and the farmers market across the river is also scrutinized. How to dissolve the aloofness of modernism museum when it’s settled in a suburban community?

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Concept Diagram

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Plan Variation Study

Plan + Section

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Structure System

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Aerial View

Interior Render

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