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"Eden" Night Time Look, Coachella 2023







Projection Mapping Art Installation

TouchDesigner, Maya


Installation Artist      - Maggie West

Animator                 - Akiko Yamashita, Yuheng Zhu, Orin Torati

TouchDesigner Programmer - Zac Layman

Executive Producer       - Michael "Chingoo" Lee

Special Thanks           - Michael Fullman

"Eden", by Los Angeles artist Maggie West, is one of the four monumental art installations built for Coachella 2023, also one of the world’s largest 3D color photography installations.


"Eden" consists of a group of West's flowers and plants photography artworks reproduced on 20 steel structures, each covered with wood and vinyl. Each piece of the installation ranges from 6 to 56 feet tall. After dark, Eden transforms from a static photo exhibit to an ethereal light show. Throughout the night, the installation radiates vivid animations highlighting the natural features of each plant.

As a TouchDesigner Animator, Zhu worked with the VTProDesign team, designed and created a series of generative animations for projection mapping on the art installation. The visual effects were inspired by natural phenomena, for example, bioluminescent plankton, lava, fireflies, and more.

               Ver.01                       Ver.02.Front                   Ver.02.Back

Design Development - Lava Effect


Theme - Lava

           Ver.01                            Ver.02                          Ver.03

Design Development - Psychedelic Effect

The visual effects were inspired by illumination in nature.

           Ver.01                            Ver.02                          Ver.03

Design Development - Bioluminescent Water Effect


Theme - Bioluminescent Plankton

Photo by Zac Layman

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