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4th Year Architecture Studio

Urban Editing: Croatia, Split 3.0 / Spring 2019


Individual Design Project, Urban Strategy


Split, Croatia


Saša Begović, Gesa Büttner Dias

Built in the 1970s, avant-garde brutalism district Split III, Croatia, is successful in its sophisticated street master plan as well as its megastructure housing. However, as it’s now challenged by ever-changing new urban life scenarios, it is urging reformation. As a continuation and upgrade of the urban strategy, this futuristic vision of Split III takes the initiative in rethinking the existing street design and proposes a community center as a plausible outcome.

How to revive Split III through encouraging new modes of urban mobility and accommodating the community’s emerging needs of social engagement? A reinterpretation of Split beyond its previous images of Ancient Roman heritage and Modernism test field, the Split 3.0 - Urban Editing is about researching, editing and improving public space in the city of Split. As in film editing, the design methodology uses the “ready-made” elements and Found Realities on the spot, rearranges them, adapts, and transforms.

Visiting Critic Saša Begović, Croatian practicing architect, faculty of the University of Split, led a one-week field trip to Split. The design process was significantly benefited from the first-hand knowledge of the local community.

Site Analysis + Design Strategy

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Concept + Form-Finding

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Agile test with AR projection sandbox, to seek the most efficient circulation network.

Program +

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View C

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View A

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​Physical Model

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