ARCH2613 Structure System

Structure System: Treehugger Pavilion / Fall 2016


Collaborative Research Project, 1:20 Physical Structure Model


Yuheng Zhu, Jiaying Wei


Mark R. Cruvellier

This is a study of the structure system of Treehugger Pavilion, designed by Holger Hoffmann + One Fine Day + Trier University of Applied Sciences in Germany. There is no solid shear wall in the lateral load resisting system of this large-span umbrella-like pavilion. The roof and floor are consists of pentagon truss modules, and all the lateral loads are carried by five tilted columns. Those wood trusses are connected by metal sheets for stabilization. The porous honeycomb-like framing system also effectively reduces the self-weight of the roof.


The comprehensive research eventually led to the design and build of a 1:20 physical structure model. To built it, the team soldered 350 brass sheet connection pieces and cast 5 tin pentagon rings with fishing sinkers.

Load Diagram

Final Model


Roof Plan

Floor Plan

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Final Model

Final Report