Cornell B.Arch Thesis


An Alternative Future: Cycling + Beijing / Spring 2020


Individual Research + Design Project, Urban Strategy


Beijing, China


Martin Miller, Timur Dogan

Along with the global trend of inexorable urbanization, the rapidly developing cities are in imperative demand of visionary infrastructure for transportation, for the sake of a sustainable and livable urban environment.


This thesis uses Beijing as a test field, seek to mitigate the conflict between the overwhelming Dockless Shared Bikes, and the urban public space compressed by them. 


It ends up proposing a future form of the subway entrance, in which shared bikes parking is resituated, and intertwined with a layer of miscellaneous urban community activities. It strives to find an alternative future of the urban public space flooded by Dockless Shared Bikes, through which the experience of subway stations as community landmarks is enriched as well.




Research on Issue + Case Study

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Plan + Section

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